Social Responsibility
Hemofarm foundation
Hemofarm Foundation was established in 1993, with the aim to continuously and essentially contribute to the development and improvement of society by particular actions.

Hemofarm Foundation is focused on improving the of health of Serbian citizens by enhancing the quality of services in Serbia’s healthcare system and improving the quality of life in the general community.

The Foundation also invests in the education of young people and provides support to programmes dealing with improvements to the position of minority groups, environmental protection, culture and sports.
Support to the Healthcare System
Hemofarm Foundation's priorities are in improving of the health of Serbian citizens, developing a culture of disease prevention and organ donation through strengthening partnerships between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, clinical-hospital centres, health centres, private healthcare institutions in Serbia, medical chambers and patients’ associations.
Recognizing some of the issues at stake in society, Hemofarm Foundation initiated the national WHOLEHEARTEDLY campaign in 2014, with the aim to provide support to the healthcare system of Serbia and improve the quality of life for Serbian citizens. During this campaign, more than 20 healthcare institutions throughout Serbia were supported by appliances and equipment donations. In addition to supporting the healthcare system,WHOLEHEARTEDLY supports the best students, projects relating to supporting socially vulnerable people, as well as projects in the area of environmental protection, culture and sports.
Prolong Life
Hemofarm Foundation's WHOLEHEARTEDLY campaign also joined the PROLONG LIFE Organ Donation Programme of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia in order to increase awareness of the importance of organ donations in Serbia. On our Company’s Day on June 1st, Hemofarm’s employees signed donor cards which showed their sincere dedication to human health.
Young Talent and Education
Through its actions,Hemofarm Foundation motivates the best students to gain new knowledge and improve skills in the areas of medicine and pharmacy. Since its establishment, the Foundation has supported 3.240 students in the belief that young people are the future proponents of positive changes in our society. The annual competition for scholarships granted by Hemofarm Foundation provides an equal chance to all those who have shown remarkable results in education but are of poorer material and financial standing.
Support for the Socially Vulnerable Population
Hemofarm Foundation has carried out more than 1.700 activities since its foundation in order to help homes and other institutions which care for parentless children. It has supported the activities of associations which work on improving the social position of citizens with special health risks or disabilities, as well as people in areas affected by natural disasters. Over the course of 2014, the Foundation supported and initiated numerous activities helping socially vulnerable people, including:
  • Aid to the Municipality of Vršac
    Devastating floods which affected Serbia did not spare Vršac. The Foundation csupported the Municipality of Vršac in 2014, in order to repair extensive flood damage.
  • Obrenovac Gerontology Centre
    The Foundation donated 40 hospital beds for semi-mobile and immobile residents of the centre.
  • UNICEF - UN Children's Fund
    The Foundation supported a part of the project ‘Prevention of violence against children – let the home become a safe and supportive environment for all children’ in order to encourage the promotion of positive parenting.
Support for Culture and Sports
Since it began, Hemofarm Foundation has provided support to numerous projects with the aim of artistic exchange and cultural development, the development of sports and team spirit and responsibility for ones own health. In 2014, the Foundation supported the reconstruction of the ‘Boško Buha’ theatre as part of the WHOLEHEARTEDLY campaign, and it was an active participant and partner in the ‘Belgrade Marathon’ event..

For more information on the Foundation’s projects and operations, go to Hemofarm Foundation’s website.