Personal Data Processing Notification
This notification refers to personal data processing by the processor Hemofarm AD Vršac.

Hemofarm AD processes personal data only of such data subjects whom it contacts in order to perform its business operations, either by collecting data directly from such persons, via their employers, sub-contractors, business partners or third parties, if applicable.

Personal data are processed by Hemofarm AD always in accordance with the principle of retention period limitation, within the minimum period of time in which it is important that the persons whom the data refer to are identifiable for purpose of meeting the specific purposes of the company.

The rules governing the personal data processing by Hemofarm AD include but are not limited to the following main categories of personal data subjects and personal data types:

1. Employees and persons engaged under temporary and occasional service contracts, former employees and pensioners

Hemofarm AD processes personal data of employees and persons engaged under temporary and occasional service contracts, as well as personal data of former employees and pensioners and members of their families, primarily for the purpose of implementing and complying with the relevant regulations governing the procedure with such type of data, including but not limited to regulations in the field of labour and records in the field of labour, pension, disability, health and social insurance, tax and accounting regulations, regulations in the field of occupational safety and protection, as well as corresponding industry regulations governing data processing in the pharmaceutical industry and other industry regulations.

The data of employees and other employees are also processed to the extent necessary for the conclusion and performance of an adequate contract with such persons. Data of this category of persons are processed also on the basis of their consent always when such consent is required to be obtained according to the applicable regulations, i.e. on the basis of a legitimate interest, if such a legitimate interest exists.

2. Employees and persons engaged under temporary and occasional service contracts from STADA Group

For the purpose of internal reporting and budgeting procedures, Hemofarm AD has a legitimate interest in processing personal data of persons employed or engaged by other companies within Stada Group, in accordance with the established in-house rules and procedures, as well as regulations applicable to the subject personal data.

3. Persons applying for a job, i.e. engagement under temporary and occasional service contracts

Personal data of persons applying for a job, i.e. engagement under temporary and occasional service contract or internship are processed only to the extent necessary for the effective performance of the candidate recruitment and selection process, while observing the interests of Hemofarm AD and freedoms, rights, and interests of a candidate. Candidates who have failed the selection process and whose data have been collected for such purposes are granted all the rights they are entitled to on the grounds of the applicable regulations.

4. Persons entering the Hemofarm AD company area

Hemofarm AD has a legitimate interest in processing personal data of all persons entering the company area and business premises of Hemofarm AD, regardless of the site, and keeping records of such visits in accordance with all applicable regulations, including but not limiting to regulations governing personal security and video surveillance.

5. Professional public

In order to process personal data of persons who are a part of the professional public, Hemofarm AD obtains their consent for the purpose of personal data processing within in-house records which are kept for liaising with such persons and establishing communication. The consent of such persons is not necessary if the processing of their personal data is required for the performance of contracts concluded by these persons, as well as for complying with certain legal obligations applicable to Hemofarm AD, i.e. if Hemofarm AD processes personal data of persons from this category in certain situations on the basis of a legitimate interest.

6. Persons reporting adverse drug reactions (pharmacovigilance)

Personal data of persons reporting adverse drug reactions are processed solely in accordance with the positive regulations applicable to Hemofarm AD, which includes also the performance of contracts with corresponding partners.

7. Business associates and natural persons engaged by business associates – legal entities

For the purpose of organizing business operations, Hemofarm AD collects personal data from natural persons acting independently, as well as natural persons employed with business partners (legal entities) and prospective business partners, i.e. persons engaged by them on other grounds. The subject processing is carried out for the purpose of not only concluding such contracts, but also their performance and meeting all legal obligations which Hemofarm AD has with regard thereto. If a contractual party is not a natural person but a legal entity that has engaged it, Hemofarm AD shall have a legitimate interest in personal data processing to the extent necessary for the contract to be performed.

If certain personal data are not required for concluding and performing a contract with a particular natural person who is the data subject, such personal data can be processed even if Hemofarm AD has a legitimate interest in performing a relevant processing, because otherwise the performance of the contract would be impaired, and the subject processing affects neither rights nor interests of the person whom the data refer to.

Personal data of business associates and natural persons engaged by business associates can also be processed if such persons have given a valid consent for the purpose that is not related to the performance of the contract, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

8. Natural persons with whom regular and appropriate business and partner relations are maintained

Hemofarm AD processes data of natural persons with whom regular and appropriate business and partner relations are maintained, both individuals and persons engaged by or representing other legal entities, institutions or authorities, but only to the extent necessary and appropriate for this purpose (sending invitations for celebrations and events, sending suitable and usual gifts, sending promotional material), while observing all principles of data processing, applicable regulations and in-house rules.

9. Natural persons who participate in polls and prize games

Hemofarm AD processes data of natural persons for the purpose of participating in certain prize games, polls or questionnaires organized by Hemofarm AD, either on the basis of a legitimate interest or consent of such persons, depending on the categories of persons who participate in the specific poll, its type, category of personal data being processed, and the like.

10. Taking photos of natural persons at events organized by Hemofarm AD

Photographs can be taken of natural persons - event participants, both from the category of employees and other engaged persons, as well as third parties invited to such events organized by Hemofarm AD. It shall be considered that the personal data processing in such a manner is carried out on the basis of the legitimate interest of companies for the reporting purposes to its employees, other engaged persons, business partners, and general public, as long as such processing is in accordance with established and general practice in the field of Hemofarm AD operations, whereby the persons to whom the data relate will be granted all rights pursuant to the applicable regulations.

Rights of data processing subjects

Natural persons whose personal data is processed can exercise the following rights towards Hemofarm AD in line with applicable data protection legislation:

• Right to information
• Right to access/copy
• Right to rectification
• Right to restriction of processing
• Right to objection
• Right to deletion / “right to be forgotten”
• Right of appeal

In order to assert one of the rights listed above, the respective natural person can contact Hemofarm AD at any time.

If the processing of personal data is based on a consent, the person in question has the right to object / withdraw his/her consent at any time, with effect for the future. The legality of the processing based on the consent until the withdrawal of the consent remains unaffected. Given consent can of course be cancelled under the following address at any time with effect for the future:

Hemofarm A.D.
Beogradski put bb
26300 Vršac, Serbia
tel: +381 13 803 100
Fax: +381 13 803 100

Furthermore, the natural person has the right to complain to the data protection supervisory authority regarding processing of his/her personal data. The contact details of the supervisory authority can be accessed at


If you have any questions or comments regarding this Personal Data Processing Notification, please contact us at