General Business Conditions
Operational Excellence
Hemofarm develops programmes for the continuous improvement of processes and procedures, not only within Production but also in all other divisions within its Technical Operations – Quality Control, Research and Development, Purchasing and Demand Planning, as well as at the manufacturing sites outside of Vršac.
Purchasing = Agility
The purchasing process is an important segment of operation and production of Hemofarm. In spite of all challenges, Hemofarm is continuously improving the operation of its Purchasing Division, optimising costs without compromising quality, making its Purchasing efficient and transparent.
During the purchasing procedure, suppliers and providers of services are treated equally, irrespective of their geographic location. On the occasion of selecting a supplier, care is taken to ensure that it provides the established quality of products, offers products at acceptable prices, meets deadlines, provides actual support and services as well as information useful to the purchasing and ordering party, takes responsibility for possible problems and informs an ordering party about any purchase order or delivery related problems in a transparent way, as well as that it has a solid financial standing. It is also essential for Hemofarm, as a socially responsible company, that potential and existing suppliers observe the rights of their employees and that they are socially responsible themselves.

There are defined corporate procedures for the approval of new suppliers and monitoring of existing ones, as well as each delivered lot of raw material, packaging materials and other products and services which are the subject of purchasing, as well as supporting documentation, are all controlled at the point of receipt. The transparency of relations with suppliers is ensured through centralization of the purchasing processes.
Socially Responsible Purchasing
The concept of sustainable and socially responsible purchasing endeavors to make the most of the ‘cost-to-benefit’ ratio, actively improving the positive performances of corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, business and social aspects.
Over the course of the year, simple cardboard (GC2) was gradually replaced by recycled (GD2) cardboard, and about 80% of recycled cardboard was successfully introduced by October 2014.
The Purchase of 1 Tonne of Cartons Made of Recycled Cardboard Provides Savings
This is one of the best examples speaking in favor of the social awareness of Hemofarm and the importance it places on sustainability in each segment of its business operations. Cartons made of recycled cardboard are of the same quality as those made of non-recycled cardboard (produced from pulp), and they showed no adverse effects on either the manufacturing process performances or the quality of finished product.
Additionally, with the aim of providing equal business conditions for all potential suppliers, Hemofarm has prepared and implemented the General Terms and Conditions of Operation, which are applicable to all business relations with suppliers, unless otherwise specifically agreed.

The General Terms and Conditions of Operation are available to all stakeholders.