Hemofarm – Again a Leader
06. December 2018.

Reconfirming records and raising bar

Regional pharmaceutical leader, Hemofarm, will complete yet another successful year, 2018: the company has reconfirmed the last year’s record by producing 5.5 billion tablets, with record production volumes in the plants of Banja Luka, Šabac and Podgorica. The ceremonial cocktail organised for friends, partners, and associates, was also a good opportunity to summarise the business year of this pharmaceutical giant.

‘We are proud because Hemofarm has grown over the past 58 years from a small plant in Vršac into an international company which operates globally – on three continents and in almost 40 countries worldwide. We are proud of the results achieved this year, too, since we have reconfirmed a number of records, and additionally raised the bar in many segments. Over the past months, we successfully launched a number of products in the domain of cardiology, urology, etc. and we offered modern treatment for various types of diseases. We have increased sales in the OTC segment for as much as 20 percent in relation to the year 2017, and we have continued introducing electronic systems for control of different processes inside the company in accordance with the highest international standards’, said Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm CEO and Vice President of STADA Group.

According to him, Hemofarm is not only the leader in pharmaceutical production, but also a pioneer of sustainable, smart and responsible business in this region. The plants of this company are ranked among 20 percent of the most energy-efficient plants in the world in their category, and in spite of the record production volume this year, Hemofarm has managed to additionally reduce the consumption of electricity and natural gas per pack of finished product.

‘We are especially proud of the Hemofarm Foundation, which marked its 25th anniversary this year, and which has demonstrated the care for others with the same enthusiasm for over a quarter of a century‘, pointed out Seeliger on this occasion.